Heavy Duty Pvc

6 Person Wall Tent 12x10 Ozark Trail North Fork Outfitter Stove Jack PVC Floor

6 Person Wall Tent 12x10 Ozark Trail North Fork Outfitter Stove Jack PVC Floor
6 Person Wall Tent 12x10 Ozark Trail North Fork Outfitter Stove Jack PVC Floor
6 Person Wall Tent 12x10 Ozark Trail North Fork Outfitter Stove Jack PVC Floor
6 Person Wall Tent 12x10 Ozark Trail North Fork Outfitter Stove Jack PVC Floor
6 Person Wall Tent 12x10 Ozark Trail North Fork Outfitter Stove Jack PVC Floor
6 Person Wall Tent 12x10 Ozark Trail North Fork Outfitter Stove Jack PVC Floor
6 Person Wall Tent 12x10 Ozark Trail North Fork Outfitter Stove Jack PVC Floor
6 Person Wall Tent 12x10 Ozark Trail North Fork Outfitter Stove Jack PVC Floor
6 Person Wall Tent 12x10 Ozark Trail North Fork Outfitter Stove Jack PVC Floor
6 Person Wall Tent 12x10 Ozark Trail North Fork Outfitter Stove Jack PVC Floor
6 Person Wall Tent 12x10 Ozark Trail North Fork Outfitter Stove Jack PVC Floor
6 Person Wall Tent 12x10 Ozark Trail North Fork Outfitter Stove Jack PVC Floor

6 Person Wall Tent 12x10 Ozark Trail North Fork Outfitter Stove Jack PVC Floor
6 Person Ozark Trail 12x10 Wall Tent North Fork Outfitter Stove Jack Camping. Ozark Trail North Fork 12' x 10' Wall Tent with Stove Jack.

Single-layer luxury outfitter tent with heavy-duty ripstop polyester canvas-like fabric. Integrated stove jack with zippered cover fits 5 diameter stove pipes. Color-coded poles and hubs for easy setup. Adjustable eaves and legs allow the tent to be set up on uneven terrain. Outdoor tent has 2 hanging gear storage pockets and 1 tablet pocket.

Heavy-duty guylines for extra stability and eave flaps help channel rainfall away from the tent. 2 ceiling vents, 2 side panel windows and 1 large rear window for extra ventilation.

Includes rolling storage duffel for additional convenience. Fabric weight is 235g/sq meter. Contains stove jack for camping stove. Get this Ozark Trail North Fork 12' x 10' Wall Tent for your outside exploring needs.

It is convenient whether there's rain, sleet or snow. The canvas-imitation fabric on this wall tent with a stove jack wraps around a frame with adjustable legs and eaves to place it on uneven ground. Setup is easy with the color-coded poles and hubs, while a removable PVC floor keeps you dry from underneath. Fit your heat source in the outdoor tent, with its integrated section that fits pipes up to 5 in diameter. For ventilation, there are two ceiling vents, two side windows and one large rear window.

Storage is not a problem, since the wall tent with a stove jack includes two hanging gear storage pockets and a tablet pocket. For wind and weather, heavy-duty guylines and eave flaps help to manage gusts and downpour. It all fits in an included storage duffel for your convenience.


Once with the stove and once without. It handles rain and wind like a champ. The floor can be a challenge to set right so the wind doesn't blow through, but over all an excellent tent. I was able to fit three cots, gear, stove and wood with plenty of room to move about.

The lights were a nice touch and help you move around at night, but you still need a lantern to really see well. No burn holes yet, but I'm going to bring shoe goo with me on the hunts just in case I get some on long hunts.

Durable shelter, glad I bought it! So far very pleased with the tent. Although not canvas, material seems to be strong and durable. Has held up fine in moderate wind (feel that it should hold up in heavy wind, but will have to wait to see). Takes a while to setup; but I'm not considering to be a negative, rather a trade off to having a heavy duty tent/shelter.

Also is heavy and too big for anything other than car camping, long term setup; again I don't consider to be a negative; rather a trade off to having a heavy duty tent/shelter. Yes the floor is not designed to seal, but this isn't an issue in my area (could use some Gorilla Tape to get a good seal on most of it). I'm leaving setup all summer to provide some extra space to my RV. Using as a party tent, guest room, extra storage, and motorcycle garage. Looks good, have gotten complements on it.

I've lived in a canvas wall tent for a summer and feel that this is a good value compared to that for what it is. We had the previous version of this tent which did not have the built in screen or stove jack.

Although the stove jack took a little bit of ingenuity to prevent some minor leaking during rain, I'm still giving it a five star review? Because to me, part of the review process means you take into consideration how much you've paid for an item. This is our backyard summer home, as my husband, dogs and I enjoy being out in nature. This is like a little vacation spot right in our backyard.

Set-up was not ten minutes as someone else wrote. It takes that long to unpack the thing. However, it took less than an hour and wasn't too difficult. Getting the hooks down into the flooring inside was a bit challenging.

If this is something you're going to put up and leave up for a week or more, worth the effort! If you are going to put it up for a night or two? Perhaps a stepdown tent is more your size. Did a setup last night and other than a missing spring button for the pole everything was included and in good condition.

Definitely recommend as a cheaper alternative to a canvas wall tent! My almost 13 year old son and I set this tent up by ourselves since we will be the ones camping in it and it was important to me to make sure we could do it without help (note Im 5'3, 135 lb, and a weak a girl and he is the same height and not a ton of help) I basically put it up by myself in about a hour and a half from start to finish (not working really fast and took some water breaks because its hot out) the instructions were easy enough to follow, everything is color coded so it made it really easy.

Some of the corner poles were a bit hard to get in but I figure its because its new. We had no problem getting it put together, the only real issue we ran into was that the instructions state to put the pins of both the tent and the floor into the ends of the leg poles but only one pin will fit at a time, we just used the extra stakes we were given with it on the floor pins. The material of the tent is a lot better than I expected, its a thick plastic but feels almost like cloth, you would never be able to tell from a distance that its not canvas. The floor is a thick almost pool liner type material with high walls, I don't see how we will ever get water in it. The velcro that attaches the floor to the walls doesn't go all the way around to seal it, but I'll just add some, its a minor inconvenience.

The stakes were a better quality than I expected as well, I probably wont need to replace them for quite a while, and I was given extra so that was nice, although my arm now feels like bologna after hammering them all in. The bag it came in is a brilliant design, it has handles and wheels on one side so you don't have to actually pick it up to move it, but also they finally figured out that you can never get your tent back into the bag properly so they added an extra zipper on top that extends the bag out about another 6 inches!!! Anyways, I would love to give it 5 stars but I literally just put it up and haven't slept in it yet. I cant wait to see how it will do in some Oklahoma rain and wind, Ill update my review after though. I'm very impressed over all and you cant beat the price.

We have used it 4 times now in the 2 1/2 weeks we have had it and we have no complaints! Sets up easy, take down is easy. We did have a little trouble folding it up again the first time but we quickly figured that out. We have used it in gusty winds (30-40 mph) No issues with it at all. We did waterproof the outside and have had not problem with leaks and we had it out during a torrential rainfall and no problems.

We would highly recommend this! Too good to be true it's perfect. Let's face the facts. I have had this tent for near one year now.

I wanted to find a spacious enough lightweight wall tent for backcountry hunts and camping trips that could handle a wood stove. I though because of the price it would fall apart on the trips and expeditions I wanted to take it on.

Yes it not as durable as a full canvas steel pole wall tent. But that's the point. Its durable for what it is, and I haven't had anything rip or break on it yet. Follow the instructions, anchor it down well, give it some break in time, and you'll be really pleased.

This is a great tent! I only have one complaint, it uses a size 8 zipper pull on the main opening. Over time, the smaller zipper pull fails and the zipper will pull apart. A size 10 zipper pull would hold up much longer. I would give the tent 5 stars if it had a more heavy duty zipper on the main opening.

Used it elk hunting in N. Great tent for cold weather. Took this tent into the mountains for a September elk hunting trip.

First thing, once you get it unwrapped, you can tell the fabric is a pretty thick polyester canvas material. It took the two of us about 15 minutes to set it up the first time.

Probably 10 minutes when we set it up in the mountains. But we have put up many tents, including canvas tents with frames like this one.... So it would probably take someone that has no experience about twice as long. The floor is really solid material and took 10 days of boots, mud, rocks, sticks, firewood, hunting gear and random spills like a champ. I think that floor will last some years of use.

The tent itself is not as waterproof as a regular tent. You need to give it a coat of waterproofing and it will be great. It rained HARD one day.... We sat around playing cards and stoking the stove to keep everything dry inside. Like mentioned, the floor is attached with velcro, so it vents a bit.

We were in longer grass, so the grass filled the gap, so not really an issue, but if we were on dirt I could see how that would be drafty. The stove jack was kind of big for our little stove, so I stuffed in some refractory insulation blanket. (I work for a foundry supply company) I also put a piece of fireproof blanket on the floor so it wouldn't kick any hot coals onto the floor.

The tent comes with some serious steel stakes to keep it securely planted in high winds. It also has a nice carry case with rollers that holds everything in one 100 pound package. Overall, the tent kept us and our gear warm and dry for 10 days in the mountains with mid 20 degree nights some nights. It is not cotton canvas but it tells you that.

I put it up the first time in about 15 min. But I have put up a lot of tents it may take you a little longer.

The stove jack works great the floor is wonderful although the zip out for ythe stove is not large enough for my stove. I would not have used it anyway as I put something under my stove. I put a rain fly over it and it has did great even in bad storms. The stakes are too small. I bought this tent last minute for an elk hunting trip.

The temps were in the low teens, and wanted something to be able to get out of the weather. I wasn't expecting much because of the price. It took about 20-25 minutes to set up with 2 people.

Once it was up and floor attached, I was jazzed!!! Well made for the price! Listen, I don't rate items, but truly though this tent deserved it. I put a big buddy heater in it, which caused it to sweat (propane and cold temps will do this) I threw a tarp over the roof and no more issues. I spend a lot of time camping, and will enjoy this tent for it's space and comfort.

Ozark Trail North Trail Outfitter Wall 10x12 Tent. Used tent for hunting at high elevation in northern CO last week.

Snow, high winds never phased it. Added tarp for snow but no snow entered tent from side at all. Setup was relatively easy, loved the fact that the tent stake rope has reflective material woven in it so you can see easily at night with headlamp. Front entry zipper robust enough as well as screen zipper.

Stove jack cover removed easily and reinstalled easily for takedown. Floor is tough as nails and stayed put with all the traffic on it.

Its a tent so the wood stove we had was nice for warming up for getting out of bed and going to bed in evening. Absolutely no drafts in tent in the high winds at all. Although it is not a high end tent if performed as one. Held 6 inches of snow with no problem. The floor is great as it comes up inside and attatches to the inner wall. Stays dry from rain and snow melt. 10days in this tent hunting and all was good. It was easy to set up everything's color coded it took me around 30 minutes to set it up I like the fact that has a stove Jack and it came with LED lights.

We used this tent on an elk hunt in Colorado and loved it! The set up was easier than expected. We used it for a week and a half and had 0 problems. The floor velcros to the walls, and could have used more velcro strips up at the front to fully close the floor to door at night to keep the heat in better, but overall we both agree this tent made our hunt much more comfortable.

Would recommend this to anyone. It is not duck canvas and it is not as thick as duck canvas. I intend on using it in the back country for only a few days per trip via pack horse/mule and for that purpose it seems like it will likely fit the bill. The tent and poles are a good break down size, length and are near equal in weight for using a pair of roll up canvas panniers to pack on one pack animal (without the floor).

The tent carry bag is the perfect size to pack a small cylinder stove as a center pack on a cross buck pack saddle on a second animal. The zipper handles are metal but the zippers themselves are plastic.

Design overall of this tent seems well engineered. The stakes are heavier than the typical nylon family tents you see and I plan on using them without upgrading. Ozark Trails North Fork Wall Tent Review.

I do not normally write reviews but the Ozark Trails North Fork 12 X 10 Wall tent warrants a good review. I own a few top of the line wall tents for winter camping and wanted a lighter family wall tent and was pleasantly surprised when I found this tent on line. I will add I have around 30 various tents for different types of camping. The guy lines are heavy as well as the stakes.

The steel pole frame is sturdy and tent material is heavy duty. I haven't camped in the tent yet so not sure how water proof it is but I plan on waterproofing it before I take it out. As my other wall tents, It is a heavy package so be prepared for that. I look forward to many nights camping in this tent.

Great tent for the price. Great value for the price! I was very pleased to find out that the newer version of this wall tent now comes with a door screen to keep the bugs out and also two LED string lights that extend the entire length of the tent, giving it just the right amount of light. The instructions aren't good at all, but once you figure out the idea behind the color coded poles, it becomes very easy to put up. I highly recommend getting the option with the stove jack.

The pulley system for the roof vent is very easy to use and there's no need for a ladder. I can't wait to take this tent elk hunting in a few months!

Came in quickly and is perfect! Roomy (2 adults and 2 kids) and have a wood burner for it for winter camps. No instruction on step up or take down so had to wing it, Thats only complaint is needs instructions added. Ready to get lots if years out of this tent!

Havent used the lights yet but will update when we do use them, we will also be using in winter fir deer camp so will update kn how warm it stays! This tent is the bomb. Very roomy sets up easy. Can be done with 1 person. Will Keep You Warm and Dry.

Great price for this tent. While no fabric, including canvas is waterproof, it is water resistant through a fabric sealer used.

While this might ruin the fire retardantency of the chemical the factory placed on the fabric it saves it from the forces of Mother Nature and keeps me dry in rain or snow. It also extends the life of the fabric. Huge, easy to put together.

The top and floor do not fully attach, they velcro together in a few spots around the base of the tent. Also, not water proof, instructions claim it can handle only light rain. The stove Jack works perfectly. Good quality tent, be sure to set up before using on an outing. One of the frame couplings was missing a drilled hole. Quick fix, but would have sucked if I hadnt discovered before.

Pair of string lights for each side were a nice added suprise. Bright enough to navigate the tent, but you wont be doing any reading with them. This tent can be set up with one person.

Assemble the roof frame without the wall poles. Stretch the tent skin over the frame, then add wall poles for one side, then add poles for other side. Took me 20-30 minutes on the first attempt. Our top priority is customer service. Please be sure to read the description thoroughly to make sure that this is the item you want before making a purchasing decision.

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  • Size: 12 X 10
  • Color: Beige
  • Model: Stove Jack
  • Modified Item: No
  • Season: All Season
  • Sleeping Areas: 1
  • UPC: 0844093071505
  • EAN: 0844093071505
  • Type: Sleeping Unit
  • Brand: Ozark Trail
  • Style: Wall Tent
  • Features: Heavy Duty
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Material: Polyester
  • Capacity: 8 Person
  • MPN: 571838630

6 Person Wall Tent 12x10 Ozark Trail North Fork Outfitter Stove Jack PVC Floor